The worlds first multi purpose string, blade & blower blade trimmer head
Kenner, Louisiana ▪ USA
Fits 99% of gas and most cordless trimmers
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1-2 Trim Universal Starter Kit:

1-2-Trim™ Universal Installation Kit 6 High Quality Precut Trimmer Lines 3 High Quality Brush Cutter Blades

1-2-Trim Features:

Fastest Blade and Trimmer Line Insertion Around Change From Trimmer Line to Blades in Seconds Pivoting Technology Allows for Longest Duration of Blades and Lines No Tools Needed Blades and Lines Will Not Break

Aggravated with having to stop because of broken lines?

The 1-2-Trim™ offers the fastest blade and trimmer line insertion and replacement ever. Simply push back the trimmer line and load blades to turn your trimmer to a brush cutter in seconds.

The pivoting technology absorbs the impact and allows for cutting along edges, fences and driveways without worrying about stopping to change lines.

The dual cutting action of the 1-2-Trim™ brings the best of both worlds allowing to change back and forth from trimmer lines to blades without having to replace heads.

1-2-Trim™ - order now