The worlds first multi purpose string, blade & blower blade trimmer head
Kenner, Louisiana ▪ USA
Fits 99% of gas and most cordless trimmers
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Special Online Bundle Includes

1-2-Trim™ Universal Installation Kit 6 High Quality Precut Trimmer Lines 3 High Quality Brush Cutter Blades FREE 24 Pack of Lines w/ Purchase of 1-2-Trim™ Bonus 9 Pack of Replacement Blades

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The 1-2-Trim™ works wonders against chain-link as well as hurricane fences. The special pivoting retainer prevents string and blades from being tangled or broken off around these fences.

The open-stay cool design along with our special pivoting nylon and blade retention system prevents excessive wear and helps protect nylon strings from breaking off and blades from coming loose. This is more evident when all the strings are inserted and our high quality nylons are used

With our attachment and all strings (.095) inserted, the strings usually last approximately 5000 square feet. Trimmer life can be greater or lesser depending on the use and size of the line used.

Although the cross reference is extensive, there might be some other models not mentioned that could accept the attachment. Take advantage of our 30 day money back guarantee.

Although the pivots were designed to last, if you ever need to replace them or need replacement blades or nylons, please visit our website and order your needs.

Our pre-cut trimmer line is of high quality and can be purchased through us, but any line will due as long as it is pre-cut to 12” lengths and the recommended size is used. (.05-.105)

Our product can only be purchased through our website at this time. We are working to bring to mass retail soon.