The worlds first multi purpose string, blade & blower blade trimmer head
Kenner, Louisiana ▪ USA
Fits 99% of gas and most cordless trimmers
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Support - 1-2-Trim™The string trimmer is a very handy product with multiple uses.

The biggest problem with the current weed trimmer design is the functional inadequacies of the nylon trimmer line and the system of mechanisms that feed the line.

The line frequently breaks off and usually draws back into the head, causing in some instances the trimmer to jam. In other instances, it is difficult to advance or feed trimmer line through. User has to bump to feed and in some cases, has to take apart the head and manually re-spool line due to entanglement

Our product makes the spool/bump feed systems, and all others obsolete. You will not encounter the ordinary and everyday inconsistencies of conventional trimmers and trimmer attachments.