The worlds first multi purpose string, blade & blower blade trimmer head
Kenner, Louisiana ▪ USA
Fits 99% of gas and most cordless trimmers
1-2-Trim™ Product Photo
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Special Online Bundle Includes

1-2-Trim™ Universal Installation Kit 6 High Quality Precut Trimmer Lines 3 High Quality Brush Cutter Blades FREE 24 Pack of Lines w/ Purchase of 1-2-Trim™ Bonus 9 Pack of Replacement Blades

Ultimate Gas Powered Trimmer Attachment

Trimmer Action - 1-2-Trim™OJB1 was founded in 1998 in New Orleans, Louisiana. We manufacture and sell our gardening products to dealers, distributors as well as the general public. Our products are patented and are of great value to the weekend gardener, horticulturist, or professional landscaper.

Its founder, Orlando Jerez developed his first design and was awarded his first patent in 1996. Several design, patents, and years later, he struck success with his newest and most versatile and convertible garden product called the 1-2-Trim™.